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Technical Unconscious: a cultural project by FBAUP at Cooperativa dos Pedreiros

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The Technical Unconscious program advances a dual condition of cultural program and research project. The research subject relates two seemingly distant terms. On the one hand there is the matter of technique, in its association with the gesture. On the other we have the unconscious, that matter of the unknown known.

Much of our daily life is made of these thoughtless gestures that shape our attitudes and behaviors, something close to Marcel Mauss’s concept of habitus. These gestures are the elements of technique that builds us as subjects, elements able to overcome the ontological void of being human – Epimetheus fault.

The Technical Unconscious is the research and development of this relationship in a space where we can see the affinity between identities and practices. Through an intensive program we invite you to join this ongoing research on art, science and technique.

Gonçalo Leite Velho