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Giuliana Racco & Matteo Guidi

Giuliana Racco (Canada, 1976) is an artist with a BFA from Queen’s University, Kingston (CND) and an MA in Visual Arts from the Iuav, Venice. Matteo Guidi (Italy, 1978) is an artist with a background in graphic design and a degree in Ethno-anthropology from the University of Bologna. Based in Barcelona and currently in long-term residency (2014-2016) at Hangar (centre for art research and production of Barcelona) they conduct research at the intersection between art and anthropology, concentrating on complex contexts of more or less closed structures, spaces where people have difficulty freely fulfilling simple daily actions i.e. high security prisons, factories, and, most recently, refugee camps. Their practice has concerned the ways individuals or groups of individuals manage their own movement, on a daily basis, through strongly defined systems which tend to objectify them and even induce forms of self-restraint, reflecting on unpredictable methods of daily resistance triggered by a combination of simplicity and ingenuity.