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Museum of the School of Engineering - University of Porto

The Museum of the School of Engineering at the University of Porto, created in 2004, is one of the many offices of the Directorate of Documentation and Information Services with technical skills related to the management of the school’s museological heritage. Since its creation, the activity of this museological unit has focused on tasks related to inventorizing, conservation, interpretation and the promotion of material and immaterial evidence representing FEUP’s history and identity. The museum has led the research in order to deepen our knowledge of the school’s contribution, as well as that of the teaching institutions from which it derives, for the purposes of technological development and innovation. Therefore, the scope of the study has also been broadened so as to include the bibliographical and archived documents that contextualize FEUP’s collections and activity within the teaching and research fields related to the different areas of engineering, from the eighteenth century to the present.