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with John Grzinich

22nd–24th April 2013, Cooperativa dos Pedreiros

Coordinators: John Grzinich and Pedro Tudela (FBAUP)

In this workshop we will discuss, analyze and implement various 'techniques of the body', as Marcel Mauss put it, in specific regard to how we as humans sonify our existence through the very movements and gestures we make. This pertains to the sounds of our most routine everyday (subconscious) actions such as walking or writing to more active responses and interactions with spaces, objects and other people. We will also look at how we possibly embody elements of the past in the existing technologies and architecture that surrounds us. Our primary context is the former manufacturing facility of the 'Cooperativa dos Pedreiros' and the spaces, materials and people we find there. The aim is not only to enhance our awareness of listening and technique but also to develop a more performative means of expression as artists and designers of experiences.

No experience is necessary, only an open mind, open ears. Please wear comfortable clothing. Recording devices are welcome. A pool of recorded materials (sounds, photos) can be created and shared afterward.

Participants: Nicole Tsangaris, Ricardo Nogueira, Anabela Veloso, Pedro Huet, Sara Graça, Fernando Sebastião, Horácio José Cunha Frutuoso, Inês Abrunhosa Santos Ferreira, Igor Matos Almeida Silva, Ricardo Daniel Novais Pereira, Mariana da Silva Carrilho, Marta Rodrigues, Teresa Arede, Diana Teixeira, Ana Alícia Moreira