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THE ARTIST AND THE STONE (Porto session) : workshop
with Giuliana Racco and Matteo Guidi

13th–29th October 2014, Auditorium of Cooperativa dos Pedreiros

Coordinators: Giuliana Racco and Matteo Guidi

(2hrs per day from Monday to Friday)


Giuliana Racco and Matteo Guidi will conduct a workshop-residency in theme with the 100th anniversary of the Cooperativa dos Pedreiros and connected to their new work The Artist and the Stone. The latter is part of a greater research on the overcoming of constraints – those imposed and those, consequently, self-imposed. It looks into questions concerning mobility, desire, negotiations, through a specific case study involving the management of the twofold movement of a subject (a performance artist) and an object (a large block of stone) from the West Bank to Europe.


They will hold a series of meetings with a group of participants from the Cooperativa’s training courses within the auditorium of the cooperative itself.  The focus of the Porto sessions will be to work with stones coming from the West Bank, a displaced resource, with participants coming from countries that were formerly Portuguese colonies. The auditorium will be open to the public during the last week of the workshop and the results of the process will be presented therein.


 Day 1-2

- presentation of our project  (The Artist and the Stone)

- presentation of participants (background, training and aspirations)

- visit to entire space of the Cooperativa with group

- analysis and discussion of samples of stones

- draw, design, write hypotheses about uses and transformations of the samples


Day 3

- discussion of ‘roots and routes’ concerning concepts of resources, provenance and migratory and trade routes.

- maps of movements: participants, artists and stones.

- understand world of stone trade, expertise of participants.

- discuss logos and marketing strategies as well as perception of products and techniques abroad.


Day 4-5

- working/elaborating the samples, i.e., changing colour, shape, texture, designing forms and uses.

- understanding machinery and transformation processes.

- producing ‘pieces’.